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Tommy Page is the drive behind Club Clothier. Having worked as a menswear designer for over 10 years, he decided to follow his passion. Research and collection of classic items is his way to understand menswear shapes. Qualities of the past reflect a dedicated passion for a clothing industry that current standards often lack.

His openening of Amsterdams first strictly menswear vintage shop in 2012 has become a meetingpoint for likeminded souls and a place of sustainable mensstyle and (re-)creation. He offers made to measure and bespoke designs next to original pieces from the past.

The launch of the striped blazer design service is his departure in a range of classic British sportswear dressforms originating from the Victorian and Edwardian period. Club Clothier offers the only design and development blazer service in the Netherlands. The aim is to chart and revive the elegant and functional appearance of the mensclub.






Bespoke fabric design service. All fabrics are woven in Great Britain. Tweed specialist, Italian fabrics on request.


Made to measure and 100% bespoke garment construction service. Constructed by highly skilled craftsmen and women.


Design serviced tailored to your wildest dreams. Colour palettes, shapes and fabrics, our experienced design service at your disposal.


All designs have been researched and function as blueprints to make modern classics for your decor.

Club Stripes British Sportswear


The mission of Club Clothier is to identify the club, clan or tribe through a unique coloured stripe combination much resembling a ‘morse code’ in coloured cloth. Unification through striped colour and pattern in clothing is most known in classic British rowing and lawn sports garments. However, the tradition of unification through coloured stripes is as old as the flag or crest. Tommy Page offers a unique designed house model club blazer that is constructed after traditional detailing, cloth and fitting to the ever taller growing modern man.

The launch of the striped blazer design and development service is the departure in a range of classic British menswear dress forms for traditional and elegant mens clothing. He works only with craftsmen from the UK and Italy to obtain original cloth and produces the items with skilled Dutch and Swiss family companies that have been making high quality menswear for over 3 generations.

A frequently asked question Tommy often hears is ’Where do you find all your stuff?” One of his best teachers of all time is Bill Hornets. Hornets of Kensington is a hidden gem in the heart of ‘The City of dresscodes’. After Bill had supplied him with a couple of antique classics he was determined to care and repair them.

Victorian & Edwardian



Traditional shapes are the blueprints for current ‘fashions’. Menswear shapes that ooze in craft and conscience tailoring. The rarest pieces are inspected, documented and preserved. (damned moths!) After research follows design to create a traditonal look. The British look!



For information or questions please contact us by using the form and we will contact you as soon as possible,

or visit us at the Prinsenstraat 7 in Amsterdam. Hope to hear from you or see you soon!!



Shop opening hours:

Monday: 12:00 – 17:30
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Address: Prinsenstraat 7, 1015DA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Telephone number:  + 31 (0)20 330 79 41
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